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Ultimate Grilling
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Chill Out while you Grill Out

GrillTunes is the world’s first premium grilling spatula that connects to powerful Bluetooth speakers.

Now LIVE on Kickstarter.

Grilltunes - Spatula-2c.png
Play, Pause & Skip Tracks

The handy inbuilt remote allows you to control the tunes right from the spatula, without having to point it directly at the speaker.

GrillTunes Features

Up to 15hrs battery

The Grill Tunes speaker has an impressive battery life at up to 15 hours per charge, without compromising on audio quality.

Easy Cleaning

When it's time to clean up, simply remove the remote module from the Grill Tunes spatula and you're ready to go. The spatula is fully dishwasher safe.

Water Resistant

Tackle the great outdoors no matter the weather. The GrillTunes speaker features water resistance and durable materials to survive all your adventures.


Stay focused on the grill with hands free calling. Answer calls using the GrillTunes remote and integrated microphone in the speaker.

Control the Volume

Small speaker, big sound. Control the volume to your liking while you keep your eyes on the grill and your phone away from the flames and mess.

Fast Forward Tracks

Hold down either of the skip track buttons on the GrillTunes spatula remote to back-track or fast-forward to your favourite part in your favourite songs.

Bluetooth 5

Faster connection, longer range, increased battery life. These are just some of the benefits of using the latest Bluetooth technology.

Bottle Opener

With an integrated bottle opener crafted from food grade stainless steel, the Grill Tunes spatula is a true multi purpose tool.

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